4 days left

I felt pretty low this week end. I find it sad to live this appartment and the people I know here, as I wrote yesterday. These feelings are even stronger when you see everything down and ready to get in the car on friday. We are getting helped by a company for the moving of everything, but I take care of the plants and we had to take down everything that was on the walls. Which is done and it echoes so much!

I ran my last long pass here yesterday, at least the last long pass as a Linköping-living-people. I promise H to run some when I come to visit, which may happen sooner than we think.

Ah well, this moving is, after all, getting a bit sentimental for me. I know it will be for the better and that we bought this flat to make an investment, like “no feelings involved” but at the end, it’s not that simple. I don’t even want to think how it will be the day we will have to move from a house we’ve bought… well, another day, another problem…

The last week of work here in Linköping is coming, I even booked a time at the hairdresser tomorrow (you know what you live, you don’t know what you will get, and what it comes to hairdresser, I am picky!) and we have an afterwork planned this wednesday. On thursday, I say good bye to M for three weeks and on friday, we move. Well, I move. This week will be intense, but the beginning of something new!


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