Which kind of sport?

It feels a bit empty, now that the half marathon of Linköping is over. The summer is coming, with for us, a lots of changes: moving, new job, new area to discover, thousand of things to fix and only 2 weeks vacation -well in Sweden, people take often 4 weeks off during the summer, but we already went on vacations twice this year, so we have to enjoy our 2 weeks left this summer. My body is liking not to move too much, but I feel heavier and less movable. This has to have an end. I need action!

As you may know, I love running. In Linköping, where we live for some 2 weeks left, there are a lofts of nice roads and paths to run on. It is really a joy to go out and to observ and enjoy the Nature. See by yourself:


Doesn’t it call for some run? Yes, it does. In the new area we will be living, it seems that this kind of paths are a bit from our house, almost meaning that I would need to drive a little to go to this kind of paradise for runners. This is not motivating me too much I must say. For me, running has to be easy, right out from the door.

So, OK, what could I sport instead? I love swimming. Maybe I should take this option and have some variations as well. I feel a bit bored by running now I must admit, so maybe I should just get my body tired regularly and no matter which kind of activities it would be? I watched the whole episodes of Svett och etikett and got inspired by Kalle Zackari Wahlström, who was testing a lots of different sports, with the purpose of getting tired. Do you have any good idea of sport, that doesn’t require a lots of equipments, is funny and can be done anytime?

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