A bedroom in a rectangle

The next room we have some struggles with is the bedroom. This is a long room (about 4m30) but narrow (2m45) and with two windows, under which there is an electric heater. One window is oriented toward the road and other houses (not very closed, but there is some view here) and the other one gives on the backside of the house, meaning calmer and without insight.

We have a big bed (1m80 x 2m) and two bedtables. I don’t want to have the bed against the heaters for some obvious security reasons and if we put the bed in the middle of the room, we would not be able to walk in the room without jumping on the bed. So the placement of the bed is pretty fixed: in the corned from the window that gives on the backside of the house, approximatively like on this skiss:


So, the problem of today is to find smart ideas to store our clothes the cheapest, the nicest and the most pratical way around this leftover corner:


The door you see on the right is the one from a storage where the warm water is produced. This side of the room has to me reachable at any time.

So, do you have any ideas?

We have a corner from about 1m30 x 1m (?) and the roof is 2m20 high.

Solution 1: the ugly and cheap Ikea idea.

This is also names PS and costs like 20 euros. Really ugly but no risks are taken in here. They are 50 cm “round” and 164cm high so we could fill the corner with 3-4 pieces and not be sad if we don’t use them again when we have moved out. (picture borrowed here: http://www.ikea.com/se/sv/catalog/products/60122471/#/20120884). Another positive point is that they are easy to move (wheels).



Solution two: a cupboard. Traditional and long lasting.

We would have to take a tiny one, since we don’t have that much space in the bed room. Even if this down would be a beautiful solution, I am not sure if 1) we would have the place to take it with us in our next living place 2) we would have the place with all our clothes in just one cupboard. (picture borrowed here: http://norrgavel.se/mobel/hoga-skap/ )



Solution three: cupboard but cheap and onelifed.

… But I am just so sick of this kind of cupboard, which is a standard in every cheap place I lived in  in Sweden… We would for sure not use that anymore in our coming appartment and it takes so much space in a boring way that I just don’t want… (picture borrowed here: http://www.ikea.com/se/sv/catalog/products/50270136/ )



Solution four: the in-place-storage

The good point is that our hooverrobot could work under without any trouble. The bad things are that we would do wholes in the walls and that we would see our clothes all the time. We don’t have that well colororganized collection of clothes as on this picture unfortunatly (picture borrowed here: http://www.austinsimplestaging.com/home-organization/elfa-shelving-on-sale/). Plus that it would ask kind of planning to choose how many shelves of this type and how many of this type. Well, you see, I’m not a big fan.



Well. I think I need to sleep on it a little more. And to visit IKEA, because even if it hurts to say it, this is the best place to max your search of quick and easy furnituresolutions. But you know at the same time that you won’t see the same light in the eyes of your furnitures the day you have to move them…


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