Week 21 & 22

One week (4 days!!!) left until we will run the half marathon in Linköping. This is coming very soon before to tell you how I feel, you get to read what I did the 2 past weeks.

Week 21

  • monday: riding. Chivas and jumping. I was so chocked about how well it went. I am growing a little scared with the years and this horse is perfect for me: not too quick, easy to talk to, it felt really good.
  • wednesday: 60 min running at 5:50 min/km. Well. No. I made some strengths exercices and it felt the days after. I wishes I had more energy to ru, but I was in Göteborg with the work and the timetable was a little too tight to make it all. I needed to sleep as well.
  • thursday: I had nothing on the planning for this day, but ran 5,7km in the morning, said hello to the sheeps and felt good in the sun. It was a good thing!
  • friday: 500 set strength Lofsan. Nothing.
  • sunday: 90 min running. Well, I took it again and ran 17km in 115 minutes. Not very quick, but all in the woods and with every steps, I felt I would die of heat. It was the first time that I ran with shorts and tee shirt and the first long run with my new shoes as well. Conclusion: my arms are not used to that, I got big marks from my short sleeves but it felt good for my feet. Good point!

Week 22

  • monday: ridning. Check! Utopia and dressage.
  • tuesday: 50 min at 5:40 min/km. No, it wasn’t.
  • wednesday: 50 set strength from Lofsan. No strength alone, but a 4km pass in the woods, at an average speed of 5’40/km. I was pretty happy, until I saw that my sister ran double that much with the same tempo. It broke me down: I was not able to run faster actually…
  • Thursday: no pass was planned this day, but M and I went to the gym and I ran 5km at the speed of 5’48/km. It was OK, but I thought of the time in winter when I was so much faster and fitter.
  • friday: 10 times 90 sec with 45 sec rest in between (with work). Well, not really like that but some strenght exercices on a football area with 4 other colleagues.
  • sunday: 60 min. I ran 7 km in 40 min. It was really windy.

At the end of the week 22, I feel really unfit for fight. I know that I will survive but I still feel too heavy, too slow and too tired. This is happening so many things in our lifes as well that it is a bit hard to focus on everything at the same time.

This will be my 4th official half marathon in my life. I began to run 5 years ago and I am far from being a professional runner. I feel starker now than I was 2010 for sure, I know I can make it, but I am not running so much faster. My best half marathon was 2011 in Paris (1h57) but I weighted 4 kg less. I have to carry these extra kilos. Plus that I was training hard and much better. This winter, I let it go. I have been running or exercising 3 times a week (except the weeks I was sick) but I am not feeling fit. I am longing for a run without any pressure, in the woods, with the possibility to stop whenever and wherever I want. I am tired of programs.

This is not really a winning attitude for saturday, I know but I will try to do my best. I will wear my wolf costume and will try to make it fun at least. Let’s see how it turns!

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