To wait is therapy

 I have been traveling for work and in two days, I sat ten hours in the train. Which is much. I cannot read or work in the train since I’m feeling sick pretty easily so I listen to some podcasts and watch the landscape. This is a lot of waiting for me and I’m not good at it, but what to do?

I thought a lot in the train today. I thought of all the nice people I met at work these two days, of our change if life and realized that this is not everything people do every day so we have to enjoy it, this changing process and I really see it as a very good opportunity to discover a lots of new things and way of life. Some may say that it’s maybe having too high expectations but I don’t think so. Life becomes what you make of it, and it’s all about to see the good things.

I am waiting outside now, freezing as hell and just want to go to bed and sleep. I have to be patient for some more minutes… 

Tomorrow there are s lots of family that is coming to Linköping (4 of them!) so a lot will happen, with the half marathon as cherry on the cake on Saturday. Exciting!


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