Godfather marathon

Saturday. Incredibly quiet to be in the middle of our change of life. I have to admit that there is no need to be sorry for us: we were out on Tuesday, we had our neighbours over on Wednesday and we were invited for dinner yesterday. So this is OK.

And this is also the first time since a couple of weeks that we feel we can breathe a little. We cancelled our planned trip to Uppsala tomorrow, so there will be a little sleep, but tomorrow is also the day for new visit of our apartment.

We had a sleeping morning today, ate a calm breakfast together as we use to do every week-end and after some hours of motivating talk to myself, I went out for a run. We I came back home, I found M in our bedroom, playing guitar on our bed. He hasn’t had the time to make it for weeks so it was a pleasure to see him a little relaxed as well.

This is very exciting this with our moving. We will have a whole new area to discover, a new way of living (if it’s working as we plan it to) and plenty of new things to take pictures of. The sad part is to live our friends. The boring part is to manage to sell our current apartment. This is not going the way we thought really and this is causing us a little trouble. So far, we couldn’t do things differently, so we just have to be patient, but this is kind of hard to think that we may lose money in a real estate climate that is hot right now in Sweden. It feels like unfair that we would be the only couple in Sweden loosing money right now by selling a flat. Let’s see how it will turn out.

For now, good night. Godfather number two will be watched to the end later tomorrow!


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