This is the day to pick up flowers and give them to someone you love. Many things are happening in our lives right now, with the moving from Linköping to Uppsala that we have to plan, the situation with our apartment and all the practical things that go with a moving. This is very exciting in a way, but takes a lot of my thinking powers.

The half marathon is coming soon and I don’t really feel in shape for it, but I am very happy of the visit of my sister and my cousin for this week end – and of course of their men! This will be one of the last week ends we will spend in Linköping somehow, we are turning a page. I moved here 4 years ago, which is for me a long time in the same city.

If you read in the archive what happened in march 2011, you will see that I also had troubles to find a place to live in Linköping when I moved here and even some difficulties to sell my flat in Eskilstuna. I am now wishing that it won’t be that difficult for this one. We love it so much that it is almost incomprehensible that no one wants to buy it yet. I wish this friday to be the day where a good new come!

For the rest, this is also a little strange: we are being very social nowadays and this has never been like that during the years in Linköping. This is anyway very nice to spend time with people who make your forget the things that are not running as you wish and to discover new people as well.

2015_IMG_9995 - Kopia

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