Semla and sun

The end of the week has been full with work, for both M and I. We slept a long night and today, it was time for us to think of what we needed to pack with us for our trip to San Francisco from next week.

One thing I like N E E D E D (not?) to buy was a new objective for my camera. I choose a 50 mm and I am really surprised by the range of possibilities that came with it. This is a whole new world that I need to explore and I will let you see some “products” of my work on here.

There was no time for that this afternoon though, because after our trip downtown, inclusive a coffee and Semla in the sun, I went to visit a good friend. It was a wonderfull afternoon and the hours passed and M both texted and called without I thought a second he could be worrying about me. Proof that I had a nice time!

We are loading our head with San Francisco films and after Milk, it is time for Escape from Alcatraz. Let’s see if we can watch it now, or if we fall asleep before something happens in the film (seems really slow so far…)

2015_IMG_9462 - Kopia

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