Where should I begin today?!?!

Oh, sunday and rain. Wonderful istn’t it? I am so lucky that we took a walk yesterday and that I photographed these little snow drops coming out from the ground. This is a sign from the spring!

As I wrote yesterday, I spent the afternoon in good company and my friend borrowed me a book abut running, that has a lots of good tips about how to train, eat,plan and think around running for women. I will make me a strong plan until the half marathon of Linköping, coming up in june.

For today, the big plan is to pack our bags. We are going to visit some friends in… SAN FRANCISCO! I am pretty excited for different reasons:

  • It has been a long time that we hung out together
  • This trip was pretty spontaneous (planned it 3 weeks ago)
  • Hoppefully, we will be able to wear tee-shirts outside! (I am longing for the spring, if you did not understand it yet)
  • We will discover a part of the earth we haven’t seen before

Everything is pretty exciting, all from the very long flight over the Atlantic, how we will manage with jet-lag (hum, this kind of consideration wouldn’t have popped up in my mind 5 years ago? Am I becoming old?), if I will get enough battery to make pictures during the whole travel, But most of all: this will be free time! This is vacation! And it will be worth to work this summer while every Swede is not (since we are taking pretty much free days now, we won’t have that much left later this summer).

For now: you get a picture from yesterday, while the sun was shining (it’s raining cats and dogs today) and I will plan some posts on here, so you get something to read during this week while we are abroad.

2015_IMG_9529 - Kopia

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