When M is in Ljungby, I always fall asleep with a lots of difficulties. To me, it means that sundays and mondays evenings are pretty long. The mornings after are hard as well. Our car was a bit sensitive the other days (did not want to start) so I used this tuesday to drive it to the garage early this morning and to pick it up tonight. The guy taking care of the car did not want to believe me almost and I had to argue with him on the phone to make him understand that it is not very funny to have a almost new car that is not starting.

At the end of the day, he had found some error, which was what I thought it would be (nothing dangerous, just a software that needed an update). You put that after a short night (I was at 7 this morning at the garage), plus a transport on a bad bicycle through the worse streets of Linköping, kind of an intense day at work and tonight, you get a Me with the ideas in the head like on the picture bellow: I don’t really know what I am at.

The clock is not 20 yet, but I will brush my teeth and give me some rest. Tomorrow is a brand new day for working, training and paying the bills and so on. Yeah for march, yeah for vacations coming soon!

2015_IMG_9202 - Kopia

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