Me and 3 058 372 717 others

today it is Wednesday. And not a Wednesday as every other. No. It is Payday. And I should have thought of that before I planned a visit to ikea and to re food shop.

M and I at home are half chaotic half in ordnung as one says in German. This means that when we put things for the first time in their place, it looks always very nice but we are not very serious at putting them back exactly as we thought the first time. This is translated into chaos. So I decided to go to ikea and to buy boxes of all good sorts and found them. I also found a lots of people buying tons of things and the queue to pay was nice. I thought him this will be nice for the next stop, that I really must do! 

No, I am not talking about wanting to pee, no. The next stop was to the food shop: everything is empty at home. It was crowed. People rolling around with trolleys full with food, drinks and things. It made me sick. Actually, the older I get, the less I like to be in a crowd. Well, I found almost everything that was on my list, made some quick changes because of laziness (who wants to walk across a shop full of people to pick up 50gr almonds?? And by the way, I heard this morning that the culture of almonds is very water consuming and they are produced for example in California, where water is lacking. so actually, who wants to eat almonds?) and hop I was out with less money and more food. And two lottery tickets. You never know!

I am now waiting for M at the station, the day was long for us both I guess!

Well, after scraping, it seems that we need to get up as usual tomorrow…

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