Week 8…

.. and 0 activity. Like Zero. Like No one at all.

My body is striking somehow: I had a flue during 2 weeks almost (week 7 and this week number 8), so I did ride horse last monday but did not rum a meter since my last 14 and something kilometers. This week, I did not even ride since my stomach hurted and I felt like a dog having eaten too much forbidden things. Well, not that I know how it feels for real, but I felt like that.

Anyhow. We are week number 10 of this year 2015. The half marathon of Linköping is week number 23. I have 10 weeks to speed up my training. 10 weeks!!! Holly s***! This is a way too short!

I have even no idea how much I am weighting, but I am not feeling like I would fly if I would take a run right now. The weather conditions are not very motivating either (rain and aroudn 0 degree) but I am hoping of the days getting lighter. They are not enough light in the morning yet, but maybe a little bit more in the evening.

So OK, let’s check where I am: I can run 15 km in a row. I have two very motivated competitors (my little sis and my cousine), my advantage being that I know by a fact that I can run 21 km in a row . My running motivation is pretty low right now.I have a full time job that makes me travel here and there during the week. I can run in the mornings when I’m not travelling for work but then, I come late at work, I can run during the week ends and maybe sometimes on the evening. The ground in the woods is not very safe yet (icy), but the bike lanes are ok. Plus that I don’t want to sacrifice my horse back riding on mondays.

What will my plan be?

13 weeks is pretty ok to make a progression in the length of my long runs up to 21 km. If I maintain and make the steps progressive, I could make it. For the speed, I need to run some intervals. I know that once a week is hard, but maybe once every two weeks would be a good beginning. and I need to run a third time a week with a middle long distance to maintain some habbit. 3 times a week would be great.

Picture borrowed on runner’s world


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