Small things in life make it bigger

Wednesday. Time for a post about food. This one will actually be very simple: how to make your breakfast happier and your body and mind as well?

Everything begins with that M and I love juice in the morning. We don’t drink of it every day, but on week ends, it is something special. And we don’t drink this kind of juice made from concentrate, we buy real fruit juice. Yummier and better for the body (I guess).

The other day, it was a big promotion for blood oranges, like 10 kr for 2 kg, which is really really cheap. To eat an orange is not practical: your hands get all crazy with the sugar coming out of the fruits and you have a lots of peal to deal with. I don’t like it and M neither. But we do like juice! So I bought 4 kg of oranges and we made ourself home made orange juice, with this bloody color.

Do I have to explain how you make it? No, I guess you already have done that before. This post is just a reminder of small things around the corner, easy to do, that make your day even better.


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