197 left

This is the number of posts I have left to “clean”. I moved my blog from a platform to another last year and this was a lot to import and somehow, the conversion has not been very successfull for some things, so I needed to go through every post of these 10 years to clean it up. 10 years. I can’t believe it that I’ve been blogging in 10 years this year!

Anyhow, I feel that I am about to be finished with the cleaning and I wonder if I will print a version of it in papper, just to have it for posterity or so, when all the formating will be unreadable, when I’ll be very old.

Going through the blog is kind of funny though. I can notice that I changed my way of blogging through the years, must depending on which focus I had just at the writing time. For example, I posted a lot about music and this lets me think that I became totally lazy in discovering new music. I cannot even remember when it was the last time I discovered a new artist… Scandalous…

I also documented pretty well in pictures what I’ve been seen during the years. I bought my “fine” camera 2009, so before that, the picture quality is not that good but I am happy to be able to look back to things I may have forgotten with time.

I choose two old pictures to illustrate this post. The first one is about a place that I like very much, not sure why though. I lived my two first years in the city where this castle (Azay-le-Rideau) is located, but I cannot tell that I remember this time. The second picture is the last I made while my dear horse was alive. It was a hot summer and just right there, on the side of her nose, her skin was so soft, like the skin of a baby.



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