And I thought I was free…

What for a desolation! I’m not talking about the big freedom, the one saying that you may do and think why you want (I still have this one, at least I want to believe it).

No, I am talking about the freedom off sickness. Freedom of headache, freedom of running nose, freedom of not-knowing-what-to-do-next-because-my-head-is-in-the-fog. I was sick last week, felt very good yesterday, and went to horseback riding. Until this point no problem. I can even add that it was a wonderful hour on Owen. But… It was cold as hell in the stable (well, hell is said to be hot, but translate it mentally to the opposite). The temperature was around 0, so not that strange for a winter day in Sweden. But the wind!

So I made nightmares all night long, probably under fever or something. It took me so much time to get up and now, I’m still not thinking clearly.

I am alone in my office today (I share the room with a nice colleague but he is in Stockholm). So I will take it easy, be sure not making mistakes in my work and try to take me home after that this afternoon.

Yeah, sometimes you pay the price for having fun!

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