To dream one self away

Wednesday. On earth. Both M and I are sick but we still work. It never killed anyone to have a running nose and a headache, or?

Anyway. The reflexion of the evening is more about what would we do and where would we be if we were gotten the opportunity to make whatever we want. There is actually a tv program on Swedish television showing four of five different families that radically changed life at least for some years: one family sailed the world around, another opened a restaurant in Brazil, a third sold every tin and moved to New Zealand and a last one went to Asia to work with healthcare. well. Some of the ideas are really tempting and this is interesting to see when in life it is ok to make this kind of travels/changes or not. Every family has kids and this is pretty easy to notice that the kids that are between 4 and 10 will get the most of that adventure. The smaller ones don’t understand and the older ones think it’s boring to change life like that and have some troubles with school. M and I don’t have kids so this problem is solved at least.

But where to go? And what to do? the world is big but I am not very much for radical changes of environment. All the places I come to think of are (at least what I can guess in my imagination) calm, with the nature around and mountains. I can’t picture myself living on an island or at the sea. Maybe a lake but not even sure.

For the “doing” part, it’s even more difficult. In my romantic pictures, I’m having a little farm, with few animals and we are living in autarky. But I’m not really sure if I’m painting this kind of life with too fine colors or if I would suit in this kind of life.

Now, time to switch the light off for tonight! Sleep well!

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