A day in the Swedish capital

I am currently sitting at the train station in Linköping, waiting for my train to Stockholm. The evening yesterday was one of my favorites though. Read now!

Direct after the work, I drove to the horse place and had an hour on Owens back. Owen is a big brown horse, who is very stabile in his mood and very work willing. He is also very big, so that I cannot see over his back. To be around him is every time fascinating: how a such big and powerful animal let you make what you want with him? Oh for sure, his first face is not the most welcoming one but this is just a trick to stay in peace in the stable. When you have said hello to him, he is like a big dog, comes to you for cuddles and welcomes every sign you make and tries to translate it in a move.

Then when you are on Owens back, you feel like the ground is very far away, but you feel safe. Owen takes big steps but is very sensitive too, so I just let him takes his big steps when nothing more is required and then he let me decide when we work. Owen has a stronger side as well, like every living thing on earth. I read somewhere that it is because of how the baby is lying in his mothers wound, that you get use to be curved in a way. I can feel that on Owen and I try to respect that as well: he does his best, I know that, so I just try to give him time to warm up correctly. This may be difficult though when we are with 9 other couples in the riding house.

Then, when the riding is finished and I go down his back, he wants to cuddle. He wants you to cuddle him behind the ears and on the upper side of the face. I guess it is so because he has no fingers. The leather and sweat on his face may itch.

When you put him back in his home and in the winter, put back his cover, he doesn’t like it. He is not really a fan from cover, I don’t really know why.

Owen is so nice. Sensitive so not easy to ride, but I fell now like I am knowing him a little better and that we can talk a little. T takes time to built a relationship with a horse you meet only once a week. But even this one time is wonderful! The rest of the world doesn’t exist during this time!

Then, I drove back home, took my shower and kissed M, who was at home. Actually, he is not going to Ljungby this week but this is because he is sick. So I am happy to have him in my bed every night this week but I wish him to feel better!

At the tv, it was a documentary about riders that want to World Cup in jumping. This was a natural way to continue my evening and I dreamt myself very rich, being able to ride every day (not to go to the World Cup though).

And then I went to bed. Nice huh?

Under the time I wrote this, my train arrived. I am thanking the traingods right now because I sit in the right direction and soon will have my breakfast. Hopefully. Because I slept very bad: I am getting sick, I feel it and I don’t want to. Bad. Let’s see how the day will be, after a whole day talking to partners at work.

Have a nice day!

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