Week 6

Time to tell you about my week number 6 of the Nike coach marathon. First of all, I have to admit that it is hard to motivate myself to follow the program to the prick, even more difficult when I work. So, what did the coach planned and how it went?

  • day 1  run 6,4 km. Monday, classical: riding and we exerciced a little jumping with the big Owen.
  • day 2: run 11 km. I went to Stockholm with an early train and came back at home late, no time for moving my self. And running 11 km during a working day, with so dark mornings and evenings is like impossible.
  • day 3: run 4,8 km. I really wished I would succeed in getting up early and go out for a run, but 1) this is still dark in the morning, and I cannot come late at work all the time and 2) I was very tired. This is the effect of travelling to Stockholm, which takes 4 hours of my day and makes the day long.
  • day 4: cross train. I did run 4,5 km in the snow and as you can see on the picture bellow, it was not a little snow. It is actually harder to run in fresh and deep snow than to run on the beach. For those who think that running on the beach is like in the films, smiling, salty hair and everything, this is wrong. Make a try and you will remake your judgement. Anyway, I was pretty happy with my run, before work and
  • day 5: run 6,4 km. I spent my whole day at work and we had guests on the evening, so no running.
  • day 6: run 14 km. The sun was here, the temperature was around 0, but the evening before made it impossible for some running.
  • day 7: rest. I ran 14,16km which was a little better than day 6, but it took long time. It was snowy, icy and the sun was shining. I ran the kilometers in 1h37 and came home pretty happy: it was time to listen to a lots of pod cats I wanted to hear.

I was supposed to run 43 km during this week number 6. I actually ran much less, not even the half (18,6) but it is pretty difficult to make more right now, with work and the weather. I am not really sure that this kind of program is healthy or how you call it. Anyway, I give it some weeks more! At the end of the week, my weight was about 63kg. I’m pendling a lot and it doesn’t matter very much actually. I feel though that I am becoming a more lighter and fitter, which is the point. A little work left on this side though.


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