A week spend in a vacuum

I went to France for an unplanned visit to my sick mother. She was staying at the hospital so I visited her during the afternoons, trying to enjoy the rest of the time on “vacation”. The thing is that 1) internet connexion is scandalous bad there 2) I was alone half of the week 3) I never lived just in this house, so I don’t know where things are 4) a winter without snow is boring, no matter where you are in the world. Anyway, this was not an usual week.

I spent the first mornings by doing my homework for my photolessons. At least tried. I had some help. Help? look by yourself:

bild 3 (4)

Why do cats always sit on the laptop? She did not want to leave the place and I had to negociate a little time of peace to write my homework. For this photolesson, I am not very sure about my motivation so far. The principle is to read some books developping philosophical aspects around photography and to write essays about some points. And to comment others essays. This is not practical to make it that way, in a writting maners. People missunderstand each others and it leads no where. I give it 2 more weeks and then, I may give up. I am not sure either about what I am writting, if my essays are in a good direction or if it’s only bad, don’t know.

OK, it’s snowing outside, but still light, so I may take a little run for the form, or go out and make a snowman with M.

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