And week 4

What was the menu of this week number four of the Nike coach program for half marathon, level beginner? I tell you: enough to get bored! I am currently suffering of lack of company during my runs, this is awefull. Plus that the weather is not helping for the variation of the runs: snow over ice outside: no no no, I don’t want to break a leg, this is not on the program!

The week was like that:

  • day 1: run 4,85 km. As usual, mondays are for horse back riding. And once again, Owen was really fun!
  • day 2: run 6,04 km. Oh what for a pain when the alarm clock rang! I can come late to my work but it is much more difficult to leave early, so I decided to go to the gym and run inside before to go to work, in order to get it done. Easier said than done, I tell you! On my way to the gym, in the dark morning of Sweden, I just felt from my whole length because of a hidden icy part under the snow, it woke me up! Then, it was a pain in the a** to achieve this 6,04 km. I actuall ran 6,1 in order not to miss like 3 meters like the other time. This was irritating. But I ran these km very slowly, my body was not really ready to perform at 6h45 in the morning.
  • Day 3: run 4,83 km. It took me maybe the whole day, if I’m not lying, to persuade myself to go to the gym after the work. It was snowing, like stormy snowing and I knew I was closed -time speaking- to the rush of people training after work. Well, I went there and had luck to have a free running machine and ran my 4,83 km in 27,01 min. Not as fast as the previous time, but I weight too much. This is very obvious to me, 3-4 kg to much that have to dissapear! CLEAR?
  • Day 4: cross train. Cross train was replaced by a visit to the hair dresser and it took the whole evening. No comment.
  • Day 5: run 4,83 km. When I came back from work on day 5, I was not feeling well. I also had a bag to pack for a weel travel so, no running.
  • Day 6: run 12,87 km. some thousands of kilometers in the plane, does it count? no, ok…
  • Day 7: rest. No rest for me. I took a run in my parents hoods and it lasted for 5 km and something. I almost got eaten by a dog and had to see some snow . I planned to put some picture of this but my computer refuses for the moment. Sorry!

At this point of the program (1/3 done), it feels really hard to follow it. I ran 16,18 km, which was far less than the 33,39km planned by the coach. I am bored while running, mostly because I have to make in indoor and I feel really heavy even if I am weighting around 63,5kr, meaning an half kilo less that the past week. I feel tired in my body because of my work (I have been up pretty early every morning) and the evenings are still dark, I mean black. so you see!

I spend a week in France for the 5th week of the nike coach program. The temperatures don’t seem to be much higher, but at least, I am counting with a little more variation in the landscape to give me a little more happiness while running. I will try to run a bit longer than the program says and to sleep more as well.

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