La délicatesse – David Foenkinos

My sister forgot this book at home when she came to visit for Xmas, so I read it. La délicatesse. Its a short book (around 200 pages) that I read in few hours. It was well written, with a little bit of humour, but somehow, I found the history a little poor. I don’t know why, maybe it’s because my last reading was much more powerfull with feelings or because I am not a romantic person, I don’t know.

One thing I liked though was the few description the author made about swedish people: they made me smile.

The book gets a 3 of 5 from me. Nice to read to spend few hours, but not the kind of book that will make a revolution in your head.

Note: this book is to be found in english as well, google “delicacy book” (the first results come for the film, that I haven’t seen).

And is there something more delicate than a feather?

2015_IMG_8951 - Kopia

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