Are we all CHARLIE? Really?

The 7th of january 2015 is so far for me a new start. These people, who were killed because they expressed themselves, showed post mortum to me that it is an obligation I have, to express myself. I thought a lot and came up to, yesterday, that we all are CHARLIE.

But I thought a little bit more. And I googled a little bit as well. This is not really true actually. This is really easy for someone like me, to think that freedom of speech is like the right to breath. But it is not, unfortunatly. A lots of people around the world are persecuted because they think and may talk. When you only look at the freedom of speech for journalist on Reporters without borders, you can see that there is a lot of inequalities around the world. And if the journalists cannot express themselves, who can? Here is a map representing statistics from 2013:


Map borrowed here:,1054.html 

So even if I wish everyone on earth was Charlie, maybe the good expression should be “everyone will be Charlie very soon”. I wonder how though…


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