Sunday, a grey day on earth.

I like sundays. M doesn’t. For me it’s a day of calm, before a new active week and for M, this day is full of pressure somehow. So we spend the day sitting on the soffa, drinking tea and reading things.

2015_IMG_9108 - Kopia

What I am reading right now is a lot of old posts I made on here: I moved my blog from one portal to another last year and the migration caused kind of strange formating, so I am fixing it, post by post. I hava about 800 left, but slowly, it is getting better. This is kind of funny to read back the old posts I made. In 10 years, I wrote quite a lot on here, but not much is important to you. To me, it is a public diary, with thoughts high and low about my own little life mostly. If you read between the lines, you may also understand when I got my heart broken and when I felt lonely. Who doesn’t? I have to admit today that these posts are very selfish, but they are a part of my life as well.

For today the weather is all grey and smellt snowy outside. I should have run a long pass today, but I will postpone that. It is, in my opinion, not a good day to break a leg.

2015_IMG_9099 - Kopia



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