Oh, what I’ve been listening to this song when I was a teenager! You get this friendship-love-song for today, tell a friend you like him/her, this is your mission for today!

I could have treated you better
but you couldn’t have treated me worse
but it’s he who laughs last
is he who cries first

Sometimes I feel I know strangers
better than I know my friends
why must a beginning
be the means to an end

The stones from my enemies
these wounds will mend
but I cannot survive
the roses from my friends

When the last word has been spoken
and we’ve beared witness to the final setting sun
all that shall remain is a token
of what we’ve said and done

When all we’ve had has been forsaken
distant church bells no longer ring
that’s the sound of a heart taken
and the story of tears from a king

This may be the last time I see you
forgive me for holding you close
this may be the last time that I see you
so of this moment I will make the most

This may be the last time I see you
but if you keep me in your heart
together we shall be eternal

if you believe
we shall never part


2014_IMG_8227 - Kopia

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