Brown noise

No, this is not me taking the wrong word while I was thinking of brown sugar. I meant brown noise. (Could I do a worse introduction for this post? I doubt, but you will have to live with it!).

The facts are following: at my office, we are sitting 6 persons in the same room since we moved in our new office at the beginning of the year. For me, it was a big change: from having my own office and being effective all the day to have to cohabitate with 5 other people, and at least as much new habbits. I feel my OCD coming at the surface of my skin: for exampel, I find it very difficult to see the mess on some desktops, I want it clean. I can’t stand when people loan things and don’t put them back at the same place, or when the doors are not really well shut. You name it. I could live with it if only I had my concentration through silence. I mean, when we are working togheter -which happens twice a year in this meaning- this is for me OK to talk with other people, it’s like part of the game. But when someone complains about his/her computer, or when someone answers the phone without getting out of the room, it is disturbing me. The consequence is that I need a lots of energy to put me back at what I was doing and at the end of the day, I lost maybe an hour of this kind of time and I am feelign really tired.

What did I do? I bought headphones. Good ones but also pretty expensive ones. The result is that I hear nothing from the outside and jump up to the roof instead when someone knock on my shoulder to talk to me. The only little inconvenient is that I wear glasses in front of my computer and it hurts a little above the hear. But for the rest: pretty good!

Consequence of that: you need something to listen to. I use to browse radio channel, with music from the 90’s, it makes me feel like I am young, pretty and have all my future in front of me. Almost like I felt in the 90’s, minus the “pretty”-part. It seems that the brown noise could heal my pain.

Brown noise is a random signal that has been filtered in order to generate a lot of energy at low frequencies. Its power density is inversely proportional to f^2 and decreases by 6 dB per octave. Brown noise produces a much warmer tone than white noise (0 dB/oct) or pink noise (-3 dB/oct).

The “brown” name comes from the “brownian” movement, not the color. In a brownian movement, successive samples have a higher probability to stay close to each other than to move far away. This process naturally filters out the higher frequencies. Brownian noise is also referred as red noise. This color comes from visible light that turns red when a similar spectral distribution is applied.

taken from here

Yeah? And what is your point? My point is that this noise would made me feel better if I was listening to it. from the same page:

In healthcare applications, brown noise is used to treat hyperacusis, an increased sensitivity to normal environmental sounds, or to mask tinnitus, a ringing in your ear occurring without any stimulus.

This is perfect. From now on, I will listen to brown noise the whole days, and hope to relive a little of my concentration.

The funny thing is also that I youtubed “brown noise” and found a 11 hours clip of it. When I looked at what youtube suggested me as related videos, I found an 11 hours clip of vacuum cleaner, a 11 hours clip of the sound of a lawn mower, a 12 hours clip of a boing 777!!! I mean, what are people loading up to the web?! This was hilarious!

You will get a real song for today, like the song of a real band with noises you may recognize and enjoy. Ok, maybe after some repeats you may be tired of it, but this is not as monotone:

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