Macro, the return

I talked about macro the other day and today, I took a new step. I went to a photo shop (not to mix with photoshop) and got me some tools for macro. They looked at me strangely when I asked about a reverse ring, but they suggested a close-up lens set, that was affordable (about 900 SEK), so I went for it.

The set is composed of 3 rings (+1, +2, +4) that you put on your lens and can combine all together or just one or two at a time. This is pretty convenient and you get to go closer to your subjects. Here you get a test I’ve done on a coffee cup:

Without any close-up lens:

IMG_7745 - Kopia

With the lens +1:

IMG_7746 - Kopia

With the lens +1 and +2:

IMG_7747 - Kopia

With the lens +1, +2 and +4:

IMG_7748 - KopiaThis is how close you get from coffee with the whole close-up lens set.

But what happens? The close-up lens works like a loup and if you need more technical explanations, you can read some on Wikipedia. The bakground is blured, which make the subject more distinct they say (to compare to a real macro lens). You cannot see this effect on the coffee pictures, but maybe it is better on this one:

14_IMG_7772 - Kopia

This is a mynth flower and this part of the flower is in fact about 13 millimeters. I am fascinated by the nature, making such small things work!

The bad part with macro photography is when you take a picture from the table in your living room and realize that what you see is dust:

14_IMG_7771 - Kopia

Can you guess what I need to do this week-end? Yes, you got it right! I have to test more and more my new kit and M has to clean the flat. Good repartition of tasks, isn’t it?


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