Our new friend – Puffo

We moved in our flat in january, so we fixed almost every room, except M’s working room. But some weeks ago, we decided to make it a little more cosy. I was dreaming of a reading corner, with nice lights and something comfortable to sit in. M was dreaming on somewhere to play guitar. When it comes to furniture, he taught me that a classic chair is not practical to play guitar: the arms are on the way.

So I googled and thought of a big bean bag, that every of us would find comfortable. I googled farther on Fatboy website and found this wonderful rabbit. M was just laughing at me when I ordered it but I can tell you that it was a very good choice.

We can sit both on it (one leg for each of us), M can play guitar and I can read without feeling it’s too hard or so. This is a very good compromise for our needs. Plus the rabbit -that we called Puffo- is funny and can be moved very easily, which wouldn’t have been possible with a classical chair.

Last saturday, we bought some lamps to make it even cosier.

So now, it’s done: we moved in our whole flat! Left: pay the loan. It will take a little while.


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