Soon it is time for me and my cousine M to run the first half marathon of Linköpings history, It feels pretty good so far, I mean 257 days left, it is ocean of time to prepare myself.

The plan A is following: run run run.

The plan B is following: rest rest rest.

And since the plan A doesn’t feel good and the plan B neither, there is a plan C.

The plan C is following: run 3 times a week. One of the run is a long and slow one (go up 1 or 2 km at a time every week). Once a week: exercices for strength (both legs, back and stomach). I will try to put some intervalls in it as well and I usually run on fridays with my colleagues, so this is a good time for motivation.

How does it go so far -after one week? I had my long run this week (10km), a second pass (5km) with a pretty low veloctiy but I put it on the blood giving I made two days before. I also had the part “strength” on friday. One of my colleagues need to rest a little from intensive running, so we made some strength exercices, at her comando. I am just saying: M U S C L E P A I N   D E L U X E!! I haven’t been able to walk normally since then, and it has been two days already. This is prolly the sign that I really need these strengths exercices.

What we exactly did? Oh nothing exceptional, here you go:

you-stand-on-one-leg-and-you-almost-sit-15 times this is a killer of an exercice: when your body thinks that you will sit, you push yourself up again. Already from this exercice, my legs were dead.

heel-raising-on-one-leg-15-times I was surprised to feel less my leg at this exercice than the previous one. My calfs are the best part of me today.

jump-like-a-frog this exercice ended to kill my legs.

Go-up-on-a-chair-on-one-leg-as-slow-as-you-can I just say… ooohhh and aaaahhh

situps-from-all-the-sides this part was almost vacation for me, even is the stomach is not my strongest part

raise-your-back-as-many-times-as-situps-you-made I really felt strong in the back, so this last exercice was peanut to me.

But today… I can’t walk. I am crying like a little girl because of the pain in my legs, and I think every second of my colleagues, who led the pass and said “these are exercices that a 96-years-old can do”. Obviously, I am closer from 100 than from 33 but hallo… I need to replan my running this week: I usually run a long distance on the week end, since this is the part of the week when I have time for this, but it is physically impossible for me to take me out for a run today, even if it would be 3 km. I will ride horse tomorrow evening and I don’t want to saccage this moment either, so tuesday I hope being able to make my long pass of the week.

For the rest, I just say, M, keep going and running strong! 257 days left!

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