A map of the world

I saw this wonderfull idea on Schwin&Schwin’s blog about a world map quilt, so I translated it to a similar project at home. I used a bedsheet and pieces of fabric, in green and brownish colors.



The cutting was a little pain in itself. I think some islands dissapeared in my work, but some other countries became a little bit larger instead.


Another hard job was to give every continent a good placement, according to the other. My patience was already dead, but I tried to make my best.

bild 2 - Kopia

And the sweing… It was also a piece of cake… It took my approximatively 20 hours to make it and I am pretty happy with the result. A little exception though: if you are considering to make a patchwork like that, don’t choose fabric with a lot of the same color from your bakground. For exampel, in my case, the west cost of France and England are pretty invisible from far away because the white is too close from the bedsheet’s color. Think of that. Now, we have a comfortable blanket to sit on Puffo.

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