Macro not pro

As you know, I like to take pictures. Most of the time, when I am on a run, I make it with my Iphone. Believe me or not, statistically, I have more chance to make nice shots with my phone than with my camera. All the pictures I took from the beach recently were from my Iphone. The point of the phone is that you can take it on a run. The negative point is that you cannot play as easily with the focus than you can with a real reflex camera.

The times I take my canon EOS 450D with me out, I like the results as well. For exampel, I was out early in a morning this summer to experience the golden hour.

I use to process the picture on pixlr when I come back home, to adjust the contrasts and maybe cut a little the picture. I realized though that you have to shot right to make nice pictures, you cannot fix everything on pixlr. I would even say that the picture has to be good from the beginning.

Anyway. Here is my point: I want to try something new with my camera. For exampel, I decided not to buy any extra objective before I would be able to manage the one I have. I have been playing with my camera for 5 years now and running in circles now, so I want something new. I googled a little and found 2 ideas, that are not that expansive.

First idea: make macro picture. But wait, I wrote “not that expansive” the raw above, how was I thinking? Apparently (and it works, I had to try this morning see the proofs below) you can just turn your normal lens back and forth and tada! you got a macro lens! This is pretty logical when you think a little about how a lens works. The only things to think of is to tape a little mechanical thing that protects the sensor and the second thing is that you have to hold the objective in your hand and not to move while making the picure. This is quite of hard to make sharp picture like that, so you can find reverse rings for like 100kr and it will fix this second problem. Actually the first one as well with canon camera.

These are my tries from this morning, when I discovered the trick:
14_IMG_7723 - Kopia

14_IMG_7725 - Kopia

14_IMG_7727 - Kopia

There is the detail of a magasine, an egg and our tablecloth. You see? just by turning back and forth the objective. A new world is opening its doors to me! The pictures could be sharper, but they will be when I won’t have to hold both the camera and the objective at the same time. I am ordering this reverse ring in 10 seconds!

I found a guy Mike Browne on youtube explaining a lot about this, you can see his video here. He has a lots of interesting videos, I know what Iwill do the coming days!

Second idea: explore the world with a 50mm lens. When I google it, I find lens for abour 800kr, which is, in the world of photography pretty cheap. The point of this kind of lens, if I got the things right, is that they can open themselves much more than the zoom ones and hereby they need less light to make good pictures. Here you can find some inpiration.

I may invest in these two things pretty soon. This maybe will motivate me to shoot more often with my real camera, but it won’t help some Iphone shooting since this is what I’ve got with me when I am living my everyday life. Hope I will have some nice things to show you later on! Hang on!

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