Technical things around the blog

hello again!

I browsed my blog recently from another computer than mine and noticed that there is a lot of publicity around. I am sorry for that (I don’t earn any money through my blog, so I qualify publicity on here as pollution). If you’re using google chrome as browser, you can install adblock and you will be free from publicity from the sides of the page. You will still see publicity in betweeen the articles but at least, not on the sides.

It is also good to know that the publicity showing on here is related to your own browsing on the internet and research. If you have a lot about clothes or so, you may be a big fashion-google-artist.

I have absolutely no power on the publicity, I am really sorry and I will look for a solution, maybe change portal or so. If someone has a good tips, don’t hesitate to write it in a comment!

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