Magical moment

As I promised, I post now a picture from Ängelholm, where I spent 5/7 of the week.

14_solnedgång - Kopia

You see this sunset? The whole evening was like a postcard. So pink and warm by the way: to be in tee shirt until the night comes in the middle of september in Sweden is kind of a miracle!

The part of earth you see in the bakground is the northern part of Danmark. This is not America.

Today, it is saturday. We had a long and needed night and the weather is kind of grey. We have absolutely nothing on our planning and I’m suffering from terrible muscles pain after the training from yesterday, so my movements will be from the soffa to the bathroom and to the balcony, but I guess I won’t be walking much today. And that’s perfect like that!

Have a nice saturday. More pictures come later, when I will have processed them. By processing, I mean downloading them from my phone and cut a bit. The colors above are 100% natural. You see, no joke, there is a paradise on earth and no need to fly to the Carabian!

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