This is a part of my project “Stories” – No one in the following text exists but in my imagination.

We were 10 in this classroom and it was raining outside. This was the last exam of the year and we really had to pass it in order to be free. Free from school but free to what? That was totally unknown to us. I just knew that I did not want anymore to be in this school. I don’t even remember that I once wanted to be here. It was just how it had to be. good grades, good school. Good in the eyes of Madam Conformity.

The exercice handled about a plane that had to land, we had to calculate how long the landing line had to be. A formula, no calcul machine, a simple pen. After having found the theoretical result, we had to go in the wood behind the class room and find material to built a model of this calculation. Not easy to build a mini aeroplane with wood and to make it fly and land on a mini landing line.

Would I succeed? I had 2 hours in front of me.

IMG_7263 - Kopia

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