We have been working for 3 weeks now after the vacations and I cannot say that I made it as a rutine yet. Most of my collegues were still away, the phone did not ring at all, this was very unsual and different from last spring.

One thing that did come back pretty quick is that I am totally tired on the evenings and the mornings are difficult. Yesterday (friday), I was knocked out around 8 oclock so I went to bed and slept until 8 this morning. M had another rythm, so I let him sleep and put some order on our balcony.

This year, I used the balcony as a mini garden and since we went away one week while it was very hot in Sweden, a lots of things died, so it was really time to clean a little. I wouldn’t have tip 5 cents for the rosemary, it was all dry and seemed to be dead. I was wrong! This plant is like a phoenix and rised up all again. I put it in a smaller pot and I wish it will survive the winter as well!

The automn is coming with big steps and I wonder how I will use my free time, to make good things, both for me and my surroundings. First of all I will ride horse again. My monday evenings are from the 18th designed as the best evenings of the week that I have to spend by myself. then I want to run as well. I would also like to make a creativ activity, but I am not sure what. I have some ideas, I think I have to test.

For now, I will help M that came back from food shopping. Have a nice week end!

IMG_7592_2 - Kopia

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