Cough cough cough

Sunday evening and I am trying to spend the evening with myself. M had to go back to Ljungby this afternoon, which makes him already missed here, in Linköping.

We have been pretty active yesterday and went to IKEA (a saturday afternoon…) together with millions of other people. We had a list, so we sticked to our plan but during the visit, we felt how our power was leaving us, so we just took the necessary with us: Billy. We needed a new bookshell and we found it. At home, we emptied the last packed things and now it looks nice totally in our place.

We still have things that are undecided: how we will fix it on our nice balcony for exampel. There is not much to see on the internet so far, but if the winter is that mild, we will need to buy things in a hurry. It seems that we have a perfect place for sunny evening there.

Another thing on our list is a bigger bed. The one we have now is 120cm and it did not disturb us until now. In our previous appartment, the bed was against the wall, and me, sleeping between M and the wall. Now, we have a big hole on both sides and sometimes, when M is hugging me too hard during the night, I feel like I will land on the floor. I am not sure that a bigger bed would help us, but at least, it would fit in our bedroom and we are all grown-ups now, so we N E E D a big bed! Like King size! I have been googling the whole evening for a 180cm big bed. And dreaming of it!

I am sick also. I am coughing like a beast and it feels like I would loose a part of my body every time. I am not sick often but it feels when I am. The good thing was that I have been watching a lots of programs on the internet and discovered LORDE, a pretty talented girl, you may recognize her hit:

OK, time to go to bed, enjoy your sunday evening!

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