And already tired… You know this joke about getting tired? Well, I am not good at joking in english but here you go: Do you know when you are getting old? It’s when you, instead of waiting of a week of work to rest you are waiting of the friday evening to sleep in front of the TV before the film.

I told you, I am bad at telling jokes, but my point was: I am tired. I was to Stockholm the 2 previous days and had to get up at like 5 in the morning, to make it with the bus, the train and the metro to my appointments. It was two good days, but oh, I am feeling like I almost am 32 already! I have less than a month left to be 31 years old and I am no sure how I will make to make it wonderfull!

On monday, it was a beautiful weather, so I made a race with the buss M was sitting in to go to the station. I arrived just some minutes after it, which meant that I ran the 3 km in 15 min. Good time to be me but you have to keep in mind that it’s downhill from our place to the station. It took much more time to run home. Note to self: next time, take your busscard with you, in order to get home more easily! Well, actually, I don’t regret it, when I see how this week looks like: no time plus snow again today and pretty cold weather. The kilometers I ran are no more to run!

Tomorrow, big day: I am getting a hair cut. I also need to make a smart list about all this things I need to get downtown. When we were living in our old appartment, and when my office was where it was, it was much more easy to pick up the needs on the way back home. Now, I need a looooots of motivation since it takes 30 minutes to walk downtown and more to get up again. It will be a good way to SAVE some money! Oh yeah! … NOT

Ok, I have been wondering the whole evening if I would take a bath and now, it is almost too late for it, so shower it will be and … BED!! Good night!

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