For the week to come. We had a very good week end, mostly based on watching the second season of house of cards. We succeeded. Fr you who plan to watch it, you won’t be disappointed!

I also cooked meringues yesterday and it was a success: the whites of 4 eggs and 250gr of sugar that you wip together to a fluffy mic and then, an hour in a low graded oven (around 120 degrees) and it makes a wonderful dessert. Miam!

And today, I took a run. Almost 7km in the wood on our backyard, really nice even if it was icy on a big part of the round. I ran carefully and came back home with all my bones.


Tomorrow, I am working the first day in the new place our office moved in. This is a little bit like a first day at school when you are little: new furnitures, new seat, new friends. The only thing that is bothering me is that I will have to share my room with 5 other (very nice) people. I am not sure about my abilities to focus when people are talking on the phone and so on. Let’s see!

Good night!

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