A moment I’ve been waiting for for so long time!

And it is NOW! Saturday morning, just woke up, a sleeping M that holds me in his sleep and the notice of rain without any hope of sunlight. And I almost forgot: no “must do thing” on our list! The week end is here and we are free to make absolutely what we want of it! Hurray!


I have been missing M so much this week. I was so happy to meet him at the station yesterday and to spend the evening with him! He had a bottle of champagne with him and I’d prepared a little gift for him, so it was how we spent our evening at home, after a drink in town: we drank champagne and watched 2 new episodes of house of cards. And I cooked food too. And both of us were really happy to lay down after a long day for both of us.

Now, time for an unwritten week end!

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