A week not like the other

Last week, at this time, I was in a house in the Alps, watching the sun go down on the Mont Blanc. Or maybe it was snowing, I don’t remember. Tonight, I am in our new appartment, feeling alone since M is in Ljungby since last sunday and until tomorrow evening. It feels actually pretty horrible to be by myself here. This is an appartment we bought together and I am the only one enjoying it, it feels unfair for M.

I did a thing that he may find not that cool. This is not a big deal, but it may be. Situation: when we moved, we lacked a piece of thing to fix the last lamp. I bought it a couple of days ago but since the roof is high, I wanted to wait for M to fix it together. I waited. Like 4 days, which is pretty much to be me. But tonight, no I couldn’t wait anymore. I decided to try to fix it and you know why? Just in order to have a fine appartment to show him tomorrow, when he will come back home, hopefully not too late. So I climbed on things, praying anytime not to fall down and I succeeded. The thing I did not manage to do was to install the lamp totally perfectly. It is hanging a bit on the side and I tried so long and so much that my back hurts. So I thought: “the one who is not happy will fix it, it is good enough for me” and climbed down. Let’s see how M will react!

For the rest, I took my bike both yesterday and today to work. This was quite warm to be february but my legs were crying on the way back both times, because of the real upphill. Our office is also moving and today was the last day with the office in the center of the town. Even if I have been working in this building only 2 years, it felt pretty strange tonight to leave a room with all my stuff packed. On monday, I will have about 2 minutes walk to my new office, this is also kind of a revolution. And tomorrow, I am travelling to Eskilstuna, with a train at 6h41, coming back like 12 hours later, romantic valentine’s day isn’t it? Ah, there is no much to do. I couldn’t have been at work anyway. And M is not at home either.

But anyway, tonight will be an early evening. Enjoy this pic from last week: my lovely surfer is hidden somewhere.

snowboard - Kopia

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