New habbits

It takes some time to get used to a new environment, even if you choose it by yourself. We have been living in our new appartment for 6 days now and most of the things are on the place they have to be. I am trying to find new routines for my every day life (I like routines in the morning, even to know where things are stored and so).

One of the new routines is how I take my little self to work. I walked 2 days and took the bus 2 days so far. It takes me 30 minutes at least to go to work and with the snow from these days, this may be counted like a real training pass. The positiv thing is that I get to go through a magestic place: a big allée without any car traffic. See by yourself how it looked tonight when I walked home:

bild 2 (2)


People who are riding their bike are very courageous actually. This kind of snow is slippy and even to walk is hard.

Enough of that.

I will tell you a little history that happened today. I received 2 compliments within 3 minutes at work. Like I never or almost never get feed backs, and today, pouf, 2 in an eye movement. I felt very happy!

And for now, a negativ thing: my lovely M, that has been away from home since sunday, is stucked on a train that is not rolling and no one can give any information on why. I already use to thing that 22 is late to pick him up, but the for now estimated arrival time is 23.38 and the scary thing is that M had very different information about the rest of his travel: they hope to drive the train to the next station (Tranås, a place with more cows and horses than inhabitants) and during this time, they will send a train from Stockholm (which takes 3 hours of rolling, if there is free time for this on the railway). This is so irritating: M is very tired, so I am, I am longing to him and no one knows how it will be. Let’s see how it will be…

Tomorrow, we have to pack our bags for our travel to France and I guess that M will be working late tomorrow as well. We will arrive at my parents place totally dead tired and will for sure spend half of the vacations trying to come in phase with our sleep. One week is short with these conditions.

But enough of complain for tonight, I wish you a good night, and wish us a little of trainluck!


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