Happyness x 10000000

Oh, I just reached some of my goals:

– I officially got a new job, with challenges and a great team to work with

– I got the results of my exam in law and I made it!!!

– M came home yesterday night, but a way too late (around 4 in the morning instead of 22 because of a defect train).

– I went out for a run of 5km even if it was snowing all the time and a lot!

And I am on vacation for one week. M is still working like a beast, he hasn’t packed yet, but I am ready and totally tired, I am pretty sure that I will fall asleep in front of the Zapping before M comes back in the living room. Too bad.

For you, some pictures from today:

trädgårdsföreningen - Kopia


bild 2 (3)


bild 3 (1)


snö - Kopia (2)

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