Moved and happy

I am so sorry for the absence of updates the past few days. It has been very hektik but we are all happy. On Friday, we got up at 6 oclock. One hour later, a whole army of moving people came into our appartment and we went out downtown to eat breakfast. We were both pretty excited about what would come. At 10, we got to pick up the keys of our new appartment, and at the same time to have a big hole at the bank. We are not owning our appartment yet, but a loan and it will take years to pay it back. It felt like whatever on friday, when I took this picture:



Then, in a storm, we went back to our old appartment, picked up the car and the flowers and drove as far as the speed limits allowed it to our new appartment. Very very exciting! Some minutes later, the two cars with all our stuff came as well and it was the beginning of the dowloading. On friday evening, we wre almost done and it has been a lots of small fixes the whole week end, that’s why I haven’t written on here at all.

The internet did work, the moving went perfectly well and we (read “I”) used the washing machine already plenty of times. This was almost a fun thing to do!

On sunday morning, I even went out for a run and the new area if a paradise for a runner: only woods around, I can loose myself pretty easily, but oh it was so good. It was 5km, with snow and -7 I think and a cold wind, so no need to tell you that I did not make any stops, only to make this picture:

ek - Kopia

The woods are full of magestic oaks like this one, I almost can’t wait until the next time!

Now, time for me to sleep, it was a long day today (up at 4h30 for work…). Good night!


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