I am living my dream life just right now. I am sitting in a coffe shop, with M and blogging. Like a pro.

Actually, we are moving today and in 45 minutes, we will get the keys of our new apartment. We have been waiting for this like 4 months and it feels totally unrealistic. But good! So did the living room look like yesterday evening:


We packed the art, the flowers, the internet things and we opened the door to 6 men this morning, who are helping us for the rest. It feels really like big luxury and I would like to thank my mother particularly for the generous Xmas gift that allows us to make it that way!

So looked our breakfast:


We will go to the bank and sign everything in less than a hour, it is really exciting! I am not really sure how the rest of the week end will be, but I am convinced that it will be very good!


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