Dernière ligne droite

I am sitting, listening to Sting concert in Berlin 2012 on youtube, headphones on and probably singing louder than M would like me to do. What is wrong? I cannot motivate myself. Next sunday, I will have to write an exam in law, subject I have been studying on my free time since september. This is actually very usefull and everyone should have read a little bit of this I think. But… I am so T I R E D of spending all my free time to read serious things. I choose it myself, this is all self torture, I admit, but give me a break!

So I tell me: “There is only one week left, don’t throw away all the days you spend at reading, keep being serious and make a big party after the exam”. It sounds good, isn’t it? But this happened: last night, I dreamt that I went to write the exam and it was another subject: chemistry. I had some rests from my now old studies (10 years ago now that I’ve graduated… Time flies…) and I was trying to make the best out of it but I was really confused. I asked why there were no law in the exam and they answered me that I should have been more serious, because the last parts of the course was chemistry and I should have known better. This was a big fail in other words. When I came back home (in my dream), M had packed the whole flat and we had one week left to live here, but all our stuff were packed, so we couldn’t sleep or eat or do anything.

When we woke up this morning, we saw all the snow falling and it is not helping me being serious. I just want to go outside and play with the snow. I don’t want to read or to be serious but I will have a little look at my chemistry…

snö - Kopia

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