Oh snow

We have been doing an unique thing today: (children, don’t read this!!!) we bought all our Xmas gifts!!! At least, I did. M still has mine to buy. We almost did not recongnize the car when we went out of the shopping mall: it has snowed the whole afternoon and the car had snow all over and out. Pretty crazy! There is maybe 10-15 cm o snow now outside and I am looking forward my morning jogging tomorrow! I love to run in the snow, it gives me some peace for my soul.

We have been making pakets or all the gifts and reading and writting some new years cards and listening to some vinyl records and of course drinking some glögg. I feel really happy for the moment and when my pizza will land on the table, I will be the happiest woman in the world, I swear! And you knwo what is the best? My boyfriend! Because he is pikcing up the pizza, in all this snow and cold weather. My boyfriend is the best! (If he reads this post, I hope it will influence his choice for my chritsmas gift!!). I love you M!

OK, time to post a picture, this one is pretty old, made in the old town in Eskilstuna at the beginning of the winter 2010.


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