One week

Saturday morning, we are admiring the first snow that ha fallen In Linköping. Sven the storm has been visiting the south of Sweden, but for us, except a litlle bit of wind, it is all alright. Once again, we had a week full of things and thoughts. I have been travelling and for my training, it looked like this:

Sunday – maybe some squash with M if a lane is free to book, else, rest. Rest: check!

Monday – the super 10K intervall. 2 km varming up and then 3 times 200m+400m+1000m with no break between the different distances and 3 minutes pause between each set. Well…What can I say more than I was totally dead om monday evening? I did study, does it count? I did 20 min of yoga in the morning though. Pretty new experience for me.

Tuesday – away with work, no running except maybe between a delaied train and a boat. check!

Wednesday –  Back from meeting from work, so no time this day either for some running. I would like to make 15 minutes strength exercices in my hotell room though. No strenght but a good night sleep, uncommon for me when I am sleeping at the hotel.

Thursday – a short morning jogg, 4km. It should work if I am not totally dead on the morning. If I am, I have to make it in the evening instead. I am a nice jogg in town that makes it safe to run, even in the evening. Thursday was crazy. A lots to do with work and I had to pick up a package at the postoffice, this was so heavy (thanks mum and dad!) that I had to call M at my rescue!

Friday –  bubbels and rest check!

Saturday – 13-14 km around the city. I need to find a new route since I am getting a little bored with the one I use to run nowadays to make it longer. I have a whole week to think of that! It was 6,5km instead, with snow and icebugg on the shoes. I felt that 13-14 was too long after a week without running. I am not that young anymore so I need to take care of myself. 


According to the past week, I made a little slow down in my program. The coming week will also have a lots of travel and maybe it is a bad excuse, it is anyway the one I use. So this is the plan for the coming week:

Sunday – 8km around the river, slow and nice.

Monday – a short morning/evening jogg, 4km.

Tuesday – no time for running, away with the work.

Wednesday –  Maybe yoga in the morning.

Thursday – rest or an intervallpass if I am feeling ok, not too tired.

Friday –  bubbels and rest

Saturday – 12 km around the city, slow.

Let’s see if this plan was realistical! This is actually the hard part: if it is too ambitious, I am just growing frustrating of not making it and if it is too empty, I am not motivated at all. Anyway, the weeks after, I will have vacation, so it will be a bit easier to stick to the plan. The biggest thing is that I will be able to run during the day, meaning that I will have some light. This is hard now, the sun goes up at 9 and go to bed at 14, so there are not so many hours of daylight.

For now, I will study and submit an new exercise and make some nice food for tonight. I am thinking of making some salmon.

Here you get some pictures from my run of this morning:

arche - Kopia ån_första_snö

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