What is it to be free?

Mondays should be forbidden. Mine began with a 4,2 km run in the snow.



Sometimes, it was hard to run because it was like 60cm of snow on the way, but it made the whole a little more funny. I have about 50km to run until the last day of december to reach 700km for this year. I will try to make it! This was my results for the past 3  years:

2010: 522,82 km

2011: 515,88 km

2012: 629,94 km

Actually, I was the quickest under 2011 but maybe the most determined under 2013. Somehow, I want back to my old level and I will make it!

For the rest, I have been listening to a pod cast, with a man talking, that I had no idea of. He said: “Money is the freedom to say no”. I wish I could say no! For now, I need to go in bed (too cold in our appartment to stay up) and to read about 100 pages for a course I will follow tomorrow and the day after. The days are too short, but mondays are too long. Paradoxe?


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