Water and wonderland

I am back from two days away from the office for quality and work time with my colleagues on an island in the archipelago of Stockholm. I have been working with this group of people for two years now and this was the first time I was feeling totally confortable with them all. In order to follow my own rules for this blog, I won’t tell much more about my work, just let you know that I had two nice days in a beautiful environment.

hav2 - Kopia hav - Kopia

They announce a snowstorm for tomorrow night, we will see how much it will snow. Last year we had about -20 at this moment of the year and very much snow everywhere. It was freaking cold!

It has been kind of a debate about a song here in Sweden these past days and I wonder how it would have turn if it would have been in France, prolly not that much talk about “how to use words” since it was a song and this is art. Anyway, the artist Jason Diakitaré made an end at this debate with an emotional speach today when he received a price or his engagements.

I have thought a lot about this with nationality, what it does mean to me and how I need to serve it. It was a long process for me to decide if I wanted to become a Swede or not. Maybe this old article from me could explain the beginning, in a little naiv way. After 5 years here in Sweden, I made a demand. This was around Xmas time, a Xmas I was “forced” to spend in Sweden, even though if I had made plans to travel to France, the trains never made it in tiem, so I lost it. But anyway. I applied for the swedish nationality, and received it some half year after. This was somehow crazy for me because deep inside of me, I am a french girl, and prolly always will, but I am living here in Sweden, working hard everyday, paying my taxes every time, trying to make a good work in this society and so. This is not easy every day, but I am far from living the same things than other: I am fitting well in the physiological landscape here in the nordic countries, with my blue eyes, but pretty far from doing the same as quick as I open my mouth and express myself. I am still a preserved people, because I do not need to respond to predjudice or anything because of how I do look like. And this is totally crazy that one human being should ever do it, but the reality is so, unfortunatly, even in Sweden.

I feel with Jason, when he cries at the end of his speach. Even i I am not born here, I have been living here for so long that I can, with the hand of my heart, I am also having a swedish passport. I am also giving my creativity to Sweden as good as I can, I am also loving in Sweden and me and my kids will as long as we live here, give our energy to this country.

And now, time for a song. I need to make something that will maybe change my life, so you get a song and a good night:

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