first sunday of advent

We woke up at 11.30 this morning. Honorable sleeping morning that may annoy some readers with little kids at home, but we try to enjoy it. M did open his first advenskalender-piece and we had a long breakfast in peace.

M has been working the whole day and I wanted to study a little. The result of it is that I looked for a dog the whole afternoon. I miss my old dog. He was so devoted! The only problem for us today is that both M and I are travelling during the weeks and who would take care of the dog by then? Ah well, We could manage it, I am sure but this is maybe not a good idea to buy a dog now, before the moving and everything.



For now, I will go in the kitchen and make us a good soup for this evening, a winter evening, where the wind has been blowing as hell outside the whole day, but the sun did shine, the few hours he dared to show itself.

Have a good week!

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