Funny to sleep at the hotel?



I begin slowly to hate to sleep at hotel. I feel alone, have much work to do and today, it is too cold in this room and I can’t find the button. Iland problem maybe? Anyway.

I will held a formation tomorrow and I haven’t had the time to prepare myself, so I am sitting here reading the papers. Sexy, huh?

Anyway. We were out with some colleagues from work yesterday and this morning, I felt totally tired, almost dead tired. Short night, bad food for three days and 4km running in the early morning, pfuii…

It was a bit magical though to run early in the dark in the city yesterday. I should make it more often but it seems now that the winter arrived in town: it was bloody cold today so maybe the outside runs are soon to be an old memory? We will see!

Ok, let’s read now, and food!


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